Hope Valley Cricket Club Values

At Hope Valley Cricket Club, our Values guide our behaviour and how we treat each other, they define what is important, and they bind us together. Our Values are the foundation of our culture and the source of our strength. Our Values permeate throughout our Club from our youngest member to our oldest and can be identified with by all. Through upholding our Values, we create and maintain an environment that is enjoyable and welcoming for all individuals and families where positive contributions and adherence to the Hope Valley Cricket Club Values are recognised and applauded. Our Values promote equality, respect, integrity and personal development.


Our Passion, our Spirit and our Pride is Impenetrable; We value Effort and Perseverance; We are Hungry for Success.


How we act when others aren’t watching; We are Honest, we are Fair, we are Positive and we do what is right for our Club.


We back our Mates and our Club; We value Commitment, Teamwork and Support; We are Unified and we all Pitch In.


Every Hope Valley Cricketer contributes to a Leadership culture; We all Set the Example; We all monitor Values and Standards; We push each other to improve.


We own our decisions and our performance; We are all Responsible for our own Behaviour, our own Development, our Club’s direction and upholding our Values.


Everyone in cricket deserves Respect; We Respect ourselves, our teammates, our Club, our Management, our History, umpires, opposition, supporters, and our facilities and equipment.